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Verdafero’s CEO Inducted into the 2018 Class of “Top 75 Elite Executives for Environmental Leader”

Environmental Leader 75 2018 (PRNewsfoto/Verdafero, Inc.)

SAN FRANCISCOMay 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Verdafero Inc. is proud to announce that its CEO, Dr. Alastair Hood, has been inducted into the 2018 Environmental Leader 75 list of elite executives in the environmental and energy business sector.

Environmental Leader 75 is a list of the top 75 executives in each business vertical (environmental and energy), as selected by the Editorial and Management team at Business Sector Media based on applications supplied by the individual, a peer, co-worker, manager, vendor, or customer. Dr. Hood will be featured online and in a special issue of EL and EMT, as well as being recognized for his work at the Environmental Leader & Energy Manager Conference (ELEMCON) happening on May 15-17 2018 in Denver, Colorado.

“Dr. Hood has been recognized as an inductee in the Environmental Leader 75 for 2018 for his vision and leadership in this nascent industry. Considering his vision – he has created environmental management solutions for millions of square feet of commercial and industrial space, leveraged his expertise with the launch of proprietary utility analytics software, and helped his US and European clients reduce their CO2 footprint by over 500,000 kgCO2e with the help of Verdafero’s software platform,” said Tim Hermes, VP and Group Publisher of Environmental Leader.

Dr. Hood commented: “I am honored to have been nominated for this award by my colleagues and industry peers and delighted to have been recognized. I firmly believe that the utility analytics industry is at the start of an incredible journey and we continue to build upon our success here in the US and Europe. Through analytic insights and good utility management practices, our customers are able to reduce their water, energy and waste intensity and consequently, their costs and their impact on the earth.”

Verdafero Inc. is a professional utility management consulting firm based in San Francisco, CA. The company offers a unique SaaS Utility Analytics software platform, which allows organizations to capture, analyze, visualize and report their bulk utility expenses, including water, waste, energy, fleet fuel and carbon footprint tracking across their entire organization and locations to reduce usage and costs. For more information, visit www.verdafero.com or call +1 (650) 206 2441.

Business Sector Media (BSM) LLC is a rapidly-growing conference, thought leadership institute and high-growth digital media platform business focusing on energy and environmental management. Through a multifaceted portfolio of news and information platforms, the BSM comprehensively serves decision-makers in the commercial and industrial environmental and energy management industries. Their portfolio of actionable-information products include Environmental Leader, Energy Manager Today, The Environmental Leader and Energy Manage Institute, and ELEMCON – the Environmental Leader & Energy Manager Conference. BSM uses a market-surround strategy including websites, newsletters, webcasts, face-to-face meetings, Awards programs, white papers and best practices, special reports, videos, buyers guides and other vehicles. For more information contact Tim Hermes, VP & Group Publisher, at 193978@email4pr.com or by phone at 703-200-1474.

Town of Windsor Recognized As “Sustainable Business of the Year”

The Town was chosen as the ‘Sustainable Business of the Year’ by the Windsor Chamber of Commerce at its Business Success Awards event on Saturday, October 8, 2016. This is the second year in a row that the Town has won this award through the Chamber’s annual member popular voting process for awardee selection. The Town’s sustainability programs are well-established and are expected to expand over the coming years. The Town’s sustainability efforts cross multiple departments and include the following:

• Installation of Electric Vehicle charging stations and solar systems at some Town facilities.
• Preparation of a Greenhouse Gas reduction report and plan for Town facilities and services.
Implementation of Verdafero software for monitoring and reporting the Town’s energy use.
• Participation in the CA2020 Regional Climate Action Plan for community-wide GHG reduction.
• Adoption and implementation Cal Green Tier 1 requirements for new building construction.
• On-going implementation of the Town’s tree preservation and protection ordinance.
• Consideration of pedestrian connectivity and walkability in project and subdivision design.
• Approval of solar permits and EV charging stations at local businesses.

Accepting the award on behalf of the Town at the October 8 dinner event were Councilmember Sam Salmon, Public Works Director/Town Engineer Toni Bertolero, Community Development Director Ken MacNab, and Deputy Director of Operations Richard Bartlett and Utility Systems Superintendent Mike Cave from the Public Works Department.

Verdafero Latest Release Cracks the Commercial Services Marketplace

For Immediate Release – October, 2016

San Francisco, CA – Verdafero Inc. is proud to announce the release of a new Partner Analytics module as part of its extended Utility Analytics Software Platform. This new module enables the Home Services industry to extend their services into the lucrative Commercial Services marketplace.

The home services marketplace pursued by Google, Amazon, Angie’s List and others currently relies on homeowners being aware of maintenance issues before actively seeking out quality service providers via their online platforms. However, in the commercial property space, problems may not be as apparent and may continue undetected for months or even years, costing the property owner substantially more as issues become catastrophic. Verdafero’s new release bridges this gap, by automatically detecting operational problems at the facility level then efficiently allowing home service platforms or consultants to facilitate the introduction between commercial service providers and commercial property owners / operators.

As an early user of Verdafero’s Partner Analytics module Sam Pierce, Operations Manager of Gilleran Energy Management says, “Taking advantage of Verdafero’s Partner Analytics and the insights it provides has given us the ability to be proactive with our customers. We can now react quickly to customer problems while reducing our own project acquisition costs dramatically. As a result, our customers are happy that problems are detected early, minimizing any unnecessary costs.”

Dr Alastair Hood, CEO of Verdafero Inc. highlights the new module’s capabilities, “Up until now, home service providers, like HomeAdvisor, Google Home Services, Amazon Home Services and Thumbtack, brokered transactions between residential home owners and local service providers, taking commissions / fees from each transaction. The typical cost for a residential service provider to fix a problem is less than $400; however, on a typical commercial property, the cost can easily run to tens of thousands of dollars. Responding to customer requests over the last few years, we are proud to be the first company to provide this missing piece in the commercial services marketplace.”


Verdafero Inc. based in San Francisco, CA, is a SaaS data analytics company providing Utility Analytics software to commercial organizations enabling them to capture, analyze, visualize and report their entire utility expenses, including water, waste, energy, fleet fuel across their entire organization and locations.

For more information, visit www.verdafero.com, www.youtube.com/user/Verdafero or call +1 (650) 206 2441


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel San Francisco Airport North uses Verdafero’s Utility Analytics to find hidden savings

gI_149457_DoubleTreeSFPremier San Francisco Airport Hotel focuses on Energy Reductions this Spring

As a part of its ongoing commitment to sustainable business practices, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel San Francisco Airport North, a leading hotel in the San Francisco Bay Area, today announced the results of energy audit focused on energy reductions that will help the hotel achieve its sustainability goals. Conducted jointly with Verdafero, Inc. the audit found saving opportunities of over 81,067kWh per year by implementing energy efficient technology and best practices.

Jason Dorfman, General Manager of the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel San Francisco Airport North, said: “As a premier Bay Area hotel committed to developing a sustainable business, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel San Francisco Airport North is always looking for practical ways to become more energy efficient. Verdafero’s findings identified savings that allowed us to invest in new technology to improve our sustainability and reduce our consumption footprint and in the process, will help the hotel become one of EPA Energy Star’s most energy efficient hotels in the nation. This is something that we are obviously very proud of.”

Verdafero helps hospitality property owners and operators understand their utility usage now and in the future to help control utility consumption and costs, budget for future expenses and can rate properties across the nation in utility efficiency all at the touch of a button through Verdafero’s utility analytics software platform. Using Verdafero’s utility analytics platform, the DoubleTree hotel was able to identify these saving upgrades and investment opportunities.

Dr. Alastair Hood, CEO of Verdafero Inc. added, “We are very pleased to have worked with such a forward thinking hotel chain as DoubleTree by Hilton. The unique insights gained from Verdafero’s utility analytics platform gave us both the ability to not only make informed decisions on current utility costs and usage within their San Francisco Airport North property our comprehensive auditing service found the particular investment opportunities to realize these savings.”

As an ENERGY STAR Partner, and recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR as a ‘Most Active’ Web Service Provider, Verdafero Inc. is committed to helping their clients improve the entire operational efficiency and performance of their facilities.

The DoubleTree by Hilton San Francisco Airport North hotel minutes from downtown San Francisco boasts panoramic views of beautiful San Francisco Bay and offers a prime location just three miles from San Francisco International Airport.

A premier hotel offering free high-speed Internet, the DoubleTree by Hilton San Francisco Airport North hotel provides superior service, spacious rooms, on-site dining, free parking near San Francisco and free SFO Airport Shuttle Service for the convenience of our guests.

For more information, visit http://www.doubletreesfo.com/ or call +1-415-467-4400.

Verdafero Inc. based in San Francisco, CA, offers a unique SaaS Utility Analytics software platform allowing organizations to capture, analyze, visualize and report their entire utility expenses, including water, waste, energy, fleet fuel and carbon footprint tracking, across their entire organization and locations.

For more information, visit http://www.verdafero.com or call +1 (650) 206 2441.

Verdafero Adds Predictive Analytics

Verdafero Inc. is proud to announce a new predictive analytics service module for their Utility Analytics Software Platform. This new capability allows Verdafero’s commercial and hospitality property customers to forecast future usage and costs of their utilities for individual buildings or their entire property portfolio based on real-world influencing factors such as weather, events and utility price increases.

This unique service puts Verdafero at the leading edge of commercial and hospitality property service software providers. By helping commercial property owners and operators better understand their utility usage now and in the future, this new predictive capability can help them control utility consumption and costs, budget for future expenses and predict asset value increases all at the touch of a button through Verdafero’s comprehensive software platform.

The ability to bring predictive analytics to future utility usage based on real influencing factors rather than relying on traditional guess work is of great value to the building owner / operator and is highlighted by Charles Smith, CEO of Hotel Sustainability Solutions, Inc. (HSSI) and Integrated Sustainability Solutions, Inc. (ISSI), leading sustainability solutions companies, and a premier Verdafero channel partner, “Up until now our customers have relied on best guess predictions for budgeting operational cost purposes. Now, with Verdafero’s new predictive analytics module, they can confidently set budgets and cost / usage increases based on predictive models taking into account multiple external factors.”

Dr Alastair Hood, CEO of Verdafero Inc. added “As a leader in utility analytics, we believe that our announcement today marks a significant step forward for the worldwide commercial and hospitality property market’s ability to not only make better informed decisions on current utility costs and usage but also make confident decisions about future costs and usage based on predictive analytics. We are proud to have achieved this milestone. It is an important acknowledgement for Verdafero’s accomplishments in reducing utility usage and costs in key industry segments.”

As an ENERGY STAR Partner, and recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR as a ‘Most Active’ Web Service Provider, Verdafero Inc. is committed to helping their clients improve the entire operational efficiency and performance of their facilities.

Verdafero CEO, Dr Alastair Hood interviewed by Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine

Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – June 8, 2015


CEOCFO: Dr. Hood, would you tell us the concept behind Verdafero?

Dr. Hood: We are a software and consulting company based in San Francisco. Our main focus is providing a SaaS platform for end users and channel partners like consultants and third-party service providers to help their customers save money on reducing, not just energy, but water, waste, heating fuel, transportation fuel or any utility that a facility might have.


CEOCFO: Is it a bit unusual to handle all of the various utilities?

Dr. Hood: It is and that is where we focus. The primary reason being that our customers all have electric and gas, but they also usually have water and waste expenses. These are all costs that a business has to pay on a monthly basis. For many of our customers, energy is not the largest expense. As an example, for some multi-family property management companies in San Francisco their largest expense is usually trash. We therefore try to give the customer a holistic view of their utility usage and expense to help them reduce the operating expenses of the business, increase net operating income and increase the value of the business through utility savings.


CEOCFO: Do you find that as you are offering all the different utilities, companies tend to pay attention where they may not have otherwise?

Dr. Hood: Absolutely. We find that many businesses that have several facilities may just get one utility bill that covers ten properties and they will look through it and say yes it is roughly the same as it was last month, sign it and then give it to the accounting department and they write the check. Whenever we start to analyze and normalize it in a way that makes sense for the customer, they now can look at it on a dashboard view to be able to see each property individually. They tend to pay more attention now that they can see individual properties, how they compare to each other, how much they are using and how much they are spending. They can now make good informed decisions. Essentially, we make sense of the data for them.


CEOCFO: How far along are you able to help companies that are using your service?

Dr. Hood: From the insights from the data that we get, we can be very helpful. At the end of the day, the person that knows the property best is usually the building owner or the facility manager. There are many energy efficiency startups and large companies trying to pinpoint problems automatically. The problem with this approach is that you are still going to need an engineer to confirm the problem or whether it is something else. At Verdafero we go to a level that the data allows. We do not install hardware or mount sensors onto every individual component within a building. We take the billing information and boil it down for the customer. As an example, even from the monthly billing or daily data we receive, knowing some characteristics of the building, we can usually pin it down to a faulty pump, HVAC or lighting system but our real value-add is that we present the information to the user who knows the building the best and who is best equipped to know what the really problem is.


CEOCFO: Do the organizations that you work with have to allow you access to their records?

Dr. Hood: With their permission we connect to the utility to automatically download the site, electric and gas data and sometimes water. They can also send us their billing data and we can enter it for them or they can easily enter the data themselves whenever new bills come in. We try to help the customer as much as possible to make it easy to enter the data so we can do the analysis and present it. The software is available 24/7.


CEOCFO: What types of organizations tend to use your service and what groups could benefit?

Dr. Hood: I would say that every commercial building could benefit. Market types that really appreciate the service we provide are income properties like a hotel. We have a large number of hotels across the US that are using our system. Hotel Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are another good example of a market that wants to use the Verdafero system to be able to look at all their hotels in one place and compare, normalize and make good financial decisions based on good data. Franchises that have a number of properties, gas stations, banks, credit unions, health resorts, health clubs; are all big users of energy and water and can also take advantage of our service.


CEOCFO: You work with partners as well as direct. How does that break up and how would you like to see it?
Dr. Hood: At the moment it is probably 30/70 for partners / end user sales. We want to flip this as quickly as possible because channel sales are critical for our kind of business. As an example, we sell through consultants or 3rd party service providers like electrical, plumbing and heating contractors, as we do in the UK. The channel partner may already have 100 customers. We sell through the channel and they can sell it their 100 customers. The channel partner is now able to get visibility across their 100 customers. If there is a problem, they can step forward quickly and offer to help you fix their problem. That drives more business and helps sell more products and services for the channel partner. The end user may be a car dealership, health club or bank and are usually happy to pay a fee every month to the trusted service provider to look after this side of the business for them. It is kind of an insurance policy for end user, a business driver for the channel partner and for us it is now 100 additional subscriptions.


CEOCFO: How has the service improved over time?

Dr. Hood: It started from our consulting customers, whenever we did energy, water or full sustainability audit, they acknowledged that the service was great and that we saved them money. However, they would say, “What will we do when you disappear?” Inevitably, they would fall back to using spreadsheets and paper bills. So we developed the first module around electric because it is tangible and people understand that when they turn off the lights they save money. We quickly realized that energy was sometimes not the largest expense for many of our customers. It could also be water or waste. The addition of more utility modules has been of great value to our customers. Then as we progressed, we were able to take into account weather or occupancy variations. It has progressed over time where we can now take into account any variances that may affect the utility usage for the customer so they can now make informed decisions from good data.


CEOCFO: You recently announced your new commercial partnership program. How is it working for you?

Dr. Hood: The Commercial Partnership Program is working well. It adds value to everyone in the chain. It provides value to the end user as something less for them to worry about and they can get on with running their business. They know that a trusted expert is taking care of it for them. For the channel partner, they get insight into their customer and are now able to offer a full service offering as well as their traditional services and for Verdafero, we get more subscriptions.


CEOCFO: Do you know if many of your customers actually pay attention and make changes based on what learn?
Dr. Hood: The reporting functionality of our platform is key. It is the part that our customers rely on to notify them of any problems. As an example, couple of years ago we had a credit union customer here in the Bay Area. From the analysis, we were able to show that there was a 100% rise in one of their branches’ electricity bill over the course of a month. We alerted them to it and they tried to work out what the possible cause was. A couple months passed and it was still there, as they could not track down the cause of the spike in cost. After calling the utility to investigate they immediately found that it was a utility meter problem. It was an old meter with a stuck dial. They swapped it out and within a week handed the credit union back almost $15,000 in overcharged fees.


CEOCFO: Why pay attention to Verdafero?

Dr. Hood: Verdafero is a SaaS platform designed to help commercial customers actively manage ever-increasing utility expenses. Utility costs are often overlooked but can be a large business expense and getting larger. Verdafero’s key selling point is that we do not only look at energy but we look at all the utilities in a way that is cost effective and information rich and enables the user to make informed decisions to save money.

Verdafero Inc. Announces its New Commercial Partnership Program for Utility Expense Management

San Francisco, CA – Verdafero Inc.’s Cloud-Based Utility Analytics software platform is used by some of the world’s largest and best known brands in the US and EU to capture, analyze, visualize and report their utility streams across, energy, water, waste, heating and transportation.

With a growing presence in the USA and EU, Verdafero is now accepting applications for organizations to join its expanding Commercial Partnership Program.

Verdafero’s Commercial Partnership Program provides partner organizations like consultants, 3rd party service providers, real estate management companies, REITs and other utility related product and service companies, the unique ability to gain insight into utility data to provide more cost effective services and additional business opportunities.

“The Verdafero platform helps our partners significantly reduce their lead acquisition costs by providing immediate alerts and insights into customer problems as well as verifying results from recent customer utility upgrade level projects. Rather than our commercial partners having to build an expensive customized platform for their own customers Verdafero has developed an ecosystem of applications for them to integrate into their customer service departments. It not only helps their customers save on utility costs but also opens up additional business opportunities”. said Dr Alastair Hood, CEO of Verdafero Inc.

Charles Smith, CEO of Integrated Sustainability Services Inc, (ISSI), a leading commercial sustainability consulting firm, based in Orange County, CA highlights how ISSI is now applying Verdafero’s Utility Analytics Platform with clearly defined results. Mr Smith noted, “We are very proud of our partnership with Verdafero. Our corporate clients, including some of the major world-wide hotel brands, now have the tools at their fingertips to track, analyze, group properties and report their utility usage and carbon footprint on a real-time basis. We are now immediately alerted to any problems the customer may have, sometimes even before they realize they have a problem. We can offer assistance quickly and efficiently. As a business, this is imperative for us to compete for corporate business in a challenging business environment.”

Verdafero’s commercial partners are able to accurately capture, analyze, visualize and report customer utility inefficiencies or successes, help formulate strategies to reduce utility costs across multiple locations and facilities with all influencing factors taken into account.



ABOUT Verdafero Inc.

Verdafero Inc. based in San Francisco, CA, offers a SaaS utility analytics platform allowing organizations to capture, analyze, visualize and report their entire utility expenses across multiple locations and facilities.

For more information, visit www.verdafero.com or call +1 (650) 206 2441.

Verdafero – Utility Analytics Software Platform Provides BS Holdings Ltd with the tools to lead the way in Sustainability

Verdafero – Utility Analytics Software Platform Provides BS Holdings Ltd with the tools to lead the way in Sustainability

BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELAND – Following the signing of a successful partnership agreement between BS Holdings & Verdafero Inc. in 2013 BS Holdings have been busy implementing Verdafero’s Utility Analytics Software Platform along with their proprietary Bio-Fuel Heating Systems to multiple client sites across the UK and Ireland. The results are very encouraging.

The Situation

In 2011 the UK government introduced the Renewable Heating Initiative (RHI), the first of its kind in the world. The RHI is a scheme set up to encourage uptake of renewable heat technologies among householders, communities and businesses through the provision of financial incentives. The UK Government expects the RHI to make a significant contribution towards their 2020 ambition of having 12 per cent of heating coming from renewable sources.

The RHI pays participants that generate and use renewable energy to heat their buildings. The primary renewable fuel is composed of wood pellets which is less polluting than oil or any other fossil fuel. The financial incentive covers the price of equipment conversion and reduces the heating bill. Thus By increasing the generation of heat from renewable energy sources (instead of fossil fuels), the RHI helps the UK reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet targets for reducing the effects of climate change.

BS Holdings. Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, BS Holdings is the premier supplier of advanced heating and air handling equipment systems & support to private, public and commercial customers in the UK and Ireland.

The company saw an opportunity to extend its markets and sell more of its eco-friendly equipment: by using Verdafero unique capability to visualize how their customers spend their utility money, it is easier to show them the impact of replacing older equipment by a newer model, and take advantage of the government financial incentives, creating a win-win-win situation: more savings, and even less costs, while reducing the carbon footprint of the organization!

How Verdafero Technology has been Helping BS Holdings

“Over the last few years as we installed more and more bio-fuel heating systems across multiple clients in the UK and Ireland it became increasingly difficult to effectively monitor and track the usage and costs of the heating systems to accurately record and receive payment for carbon reductions through the newly introduced Renewable Heating Initiative (RHI).” said Eddie Allen, General Manager of BSH.

He also adds:

“As an example of how Verdafero helps us drive our business, the RHI rebate can almost cover the cost of the heating fuel for a business. Having the ability to now capture, analysis, visualize and report the usage and costs from each bio-fuel installation across multiple client sites spread across the whole of the UK without having to visit each site individually is of vital importance to our business,”

“We can now do this from the comfort of our computer. Also, being able to offer our customers a full service offering of, not just, installation and maintenance of the bio-fuel heating systems but now the ability to capture, analyze and visualize the usage and costs of each and every system we install provides our customers with unprecedented access to how they are running their businesses. Up until now utility expenses have been seen as something that are fixed and a cost of doing business. Now with greater insight, provided by Verdafero, the user and importantly BS Holdings have the data at their fingertips and can quickly and efficiently alert the customer to any potential problems, show how each installation’s operations compare to others and importantly help the customer reduce their overhead expenses. For BS Holdings we use the system to accurately calculate the RHI metrics. Being cloud-based we can use Verdafero’s platform while on the road at the customer’s site” Eddie Allen continued.

Alastair Hood, CEO of Verdafero Inc., said, “As rising utility costs and public opinion drives the need for a more sustainability future we see that the UK government’s RHI is a great step forward in reducing business’ environmental impacts while also saving them overhead costs. BS Holdings and their customers now has the unique ability to track, analyze, compare and report on all sustainability metrics, including carbon footprint, across all their installations, not just in energy but water, waste and any other utility expense a business might have.”

For more information please contacts:

Alastair Hood

Verdafero Inc. +1 (650) 206 2441



Verdafero Inc. Added to ENERGY STAR’s® ‘Most Active’ Web Service Provider List



Verdafero Inc. Added to ENERGY STAR’s® ‘Most Active’ Web Service Provider List


San Francisco, CA – Verdafero Inc. is proud to announce that, through hard work and fundamental commitment to protect the environment by being an ENERGY STAR Partner, it has now been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR as a ‘Most Active’ Web Service Provider. Verdafero’s voluntary partnership and recognition with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR means that we will be working toward helping their clients improve the energy efficiency and performance of their facilities. We believe that an organization-wide energy management approachwill help our clients improve their bottom line and in preserving the environment for future generations.

“As a leading provider of Utility Analytics Software Platforms Verdafero is enabling the worldwide commercial property market to save money through improved utility resource management. Verdafero’s utility management software tools are used by some of the world’s best-known companies to make informed decisions on their multiple utility streams across multiple locations and facilities. Verdafero helps organizations better manage their utility data by presenting the complex information in a way that the user can easily make informed decisions.” said Dr Alastair Hood, CEO of Verdafero.

“This recognition from ENERGY STAR puts Verdafero in an elite group of web service providers. We are very proud to have achieved this recognition from ENERGY STAR. This is an important acknowledgement of Verdafero’s accomplishments in reducing energy usage and costs in key industry segments.”

As a ‘Most Active’ Web Service Provider Verdafero has been nationally recognized for our commitment and dedication to work in partnership with ENERGY STAR, to help our growing customer base of clients to:

  • Measure and track the energy performance of their facilities at all locations.
  • Set a goal to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings by 10% or more, in support of the ENERGY STAR Challenge

We also:

  • Encourage our staff and community to learn about the benefits of energy efficiency and to implement appropriate energy efficiency measures
  • Encourage other companies/organizations with whom we work to join ENERGY STAR and take the ENERGY STAR Challenge

By helping our clients to better understand their energy use we can help them reduce energy consumption. By using Verdafero’s proprietary software platform, our customers can save on direct utility costs and millions of kWh each year


ENERGY STAR is a voluntary partnership between businesses, government and others united to protect our environment for future generations by changing to energy-efficient practices today. ENERGY STAR works with more than 9,000 partners to improve the energy efficiency of products, homes, buildings and businesses.

For more information, visit www.energystar.gov or call 1-888-STAR-YES.

ABOUT Verdafero Inc.

Verdafero Inc. based in San Francisco, CA, offers a unique SaaS platform allowing organizations to capture, analyze and visualize their entire utility expenses, including energy, water, waste, fuel and carbon footprint tracking, across their entire organization.

For more information, visit www.verdafero.com or call +1 (650) 206 2441.