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Utility Monitoring & Analytics Software

Powerful features, simplified.

All in one place

Verdafero automatically pulls all your utility information into one place normalized to your individual business indicators. Now you can finally get the entire picture.

Find savings

Verdafero simplifies all your utility information. Get the entire picture for real business-level discussions.

Timely alerts

With customized alerts Verdafero can automatically notify you of large changes in usage, increased costs, problematic meters or facilities and warn you if you’re going over budget. Every billing period you will automatically receive a summary analysis of your cost and usage for all your utilities across all your facilities.

Graphs make seeing trends easy

Verdafero’s graphs and charts help you analyze and compare all your utilities and locations at the touch of a button. Read more


Get a handle on your utilities. Verdafero does all the work of organizing and categorizing it for you

Our DataPlug service is simple. All you need to do is fill a few online forms (typically one per meter), and we will connect directly with your utility. For your unique business indicators, simply upload a spreadsheet, our system knows how to read them and integrate the data with the other sources.

Foundation One is our easy-to-use SaaS software. It Captures all the data, Analyze it and normalize to make it comparable, and Vizualize it in easy to customize and read interactive charts

The Carbon Footprint Calculator automatically computes your carbon footprint.

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